The Summer andChristmas Extravaganza


In this story you will notice that Cindy worked hard whether she wanted to or not.

Where did you find Cindy?_______________________________

What did Cindy do all day?_______________________________

Did Cindy have many friends?______________________________

How many friends did she have?______________________________________________________

Were they close friends?___________________________________

Who were her friends?______________________________________________________

Who did Cindy work for?___________________________________

Did Cindy get paid?______________________________________________________

Were there other people in the house where Cindy was?______________________________________________________

Who were those people that lived in the house with Cindy?


What did the people do in the house that Cindy worked in?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Did those people work in the house with Cindy?________________

Did Cindy go to events after work?___________________________

Did the people she lived with go to the events with her?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Were the people nice when they went to the event with Cindy?___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Were the people mean to Cindy?____________________________

Who were these people?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Why were she with these people?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Where was Cindy's father?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Where was Cindy's mother?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Were both the mother and father aware about where Cindy was working for?__________________________________________

What event did Cindy go to?____________________________

Was it an Easter Bunny Contest?_________________________

Did she drive herself to the event?________________________

What kind of car was it that took her to the event?___________________________________________________

Well did Cindy drive a motor cycle?_______________________

What kind of motor cycle was it?_________________________

Was it a Harley Davidson motor cycle?_____________________

Was it a moped?_______________________________________

What color was it?______________________________________

Was it your favorite color?________________________________

What color is your favorite color is it purple?__________________

Is that the same color Cindy rode on?________________________

How did Cindy get to the event___________________________

Did Cindy walk to the event?_____________________________

Did Cindy take a taxi to the event_________________________

What was the name of the taxi Cindy took?__________________

Did Cindy have to pay for the taxi?_________________________

Did Cindy take a boat to the event?_________________________

Did Cindy pay for the boat ride to arrive at the event?______________________________________________________

Did Cindy take a train to the event?______________________________________________________

Did Cindy have to pay for her train tickets to go to the event?______________________________________________________

Did Cindy take an airplane to the event?______________________________________________________

How much did the airplane ticket cost?________________

Which airplane did she take, was it PSA, TWA or American Airline?______________________________________________________

Also did Cindy sit in the First Class seats when she traveled on the airplane?_______________________________________________

Or Did Cindy sit in the Coach section of the airplane?


Did Cindy have an airplane lay over?_________________________

Or did Cindy take her airplane right away?______________________________________________________

What did Cindy travel in to arrive at her event?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

How did Cindy get to the event?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

How long did the event last?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Did Cindy have a curfew?__________________________________

How long could Cindy stay at the event?______________________________________________________

Tell me exactly what was the event?_________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Was it a basketball event?________________________________

Was it a baseball event?_____________________________________________________

Was it the Olympics event?_______________________________

Was it an Easter Egg Hunt event?_________________________

Was it a Cinco De Mayo Holiday?__________________________

Was it a golden egg hunt?_________________________________


Did Cindy have fun?______________________________________

What did Cindy do at the event?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Who helped her go to the event?_____________________________________________________

Did Cindy arrive in a limousine?____________________________

How much did she have to pay to rent or purchase the limousine?______________________________________________________

Was it far away?______________________________________________________

Was the event close by?___________________________________

Did Cindy tell everyone how much she had at the event?______________________________________________________

Did she take pictures at the event?__________________________

Did she take time to make friends at the event?______________________________________________________

What did she wear to the event?______________________________________________________

Did she wear a pants suit?___

Did she wear some slacks and a tie?_____

Did she wear a skirt and a blouse?_____

Did she wear a mini skirt and a tube top?_______

Did she wear a mumu?___________

Did she wear a mini dress?___________

Did she wear a long dress exposing her chest?___________

Did she wear a long dress with a tail?__________________

Did she wear a ball gown that looked like she was a balloon?______

Tell me if you were going to this event what would you wear?______________________________________________________

Would you wear what Cindy would wear at the event?__________

What would that be?_____________________________________

How did Cindy obtain the outfit?____________________________

Did Cindy pay for the outfit?_______________________________

Did the outfit cost a lot?________________________________

Who supported the idea about Cindy attending the event?______________________________________________________

Tell me exactly what did the person do?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________Did the things the supportive person did help Cindy?______________________________________________________

Now if you could change anything in this story what would you change?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

If you could be any character in the story which character would you be?______________________________________________________

Tell me why you would be that character?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Did you like this story yes or no then tell me why or why you did not like the story?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Did you know the Bible said 2 Thessalonians 10 For even when we were with you, we used to give you this order: if anyone is not willing to work, then he is not to eat, either.

So Cinderella worked and not only did she work but she worked real hard.  Cindy worked so hard that her dress was torn and she had to patch it up.  Cindy will receive a reward whether she did a good job or a half done reward.  The cliché is what you that means me too but what you put into your task is what you get out of it.  If you do a little bit of your work when you was given a task to do then when the teacher grades it then that is the grade you will receive.  If you put half of your time into your task you were given to do then the teacher will give you that grade for that too.  But when you put in all of your time you will receive a grade that you can be proud of.  Why?  Because you gave everything inside of your strength in your task.

Let me shed some lighting on this.

When I was in school my teacher gave me and the class a homework assignment.  My teacher wrote on the chalk board what the grades would be if you did

100 current events =A+

95   current events=A-

90   current events=B+

85   current events=B-

80   current events=B

79   current events=C+

75   current events=C-

70   current events=C

69   current events=D+

65   current events=D-

60   current events=D

50 below =F

Well as you know I stayed up all day and all night trying to aim toward gaining 100 current events to obtain an A+.  I sat up on my lazy boy chair.  Then I laid on the lazy boy chair upside down but I kept cutting out current events.  Once I reached 100 current events I stopped and turned them in that morning to my teacher.  Because I had aimed at cutting out 100 current events I ended up with a B+ because some of the current events I though were current events were not current events.  But because I aimed high I still obtained the grade that I could proudly walk around and say I earned an excellent grade for my work that I did.  Now had I did 70 current events I probably would have received  a D+ because maybe some of the current events I cut out were not current events.  So it pays to work hard.

Look at what happened to Cinderella she worked truly hard and look what the reward was once she continued to work so hard.  Did you know when you want to learn and you sacrifice your time and energy and rest that once you finish you are rewarded the best reward that you could ever imagine.  So work hard aim high and you will reap the best reward.

If you look at what happened to the step sisters you then will realize or understand that when you do not work you do not reap the reward that you was hoping to obtain.  Just look at what happened to the two step sisters.  They did not get to live in the castle or marry the Prince.  Nor did the Step mother gain any grandchildren and live like a queen.  See when you plant good seeds you will reap a good harvest but when you plant a poor harvest you will obtain a poor harvest.

So do your best when you are given a class assignment when you are in school or home or church so you can obtain the best or greatest reward you weren't looking for.  Because did Cinderella think she would ever get out of that house?

Did Cinderella ever think that after working so hard that she would marry the Prince?

But that is what happened because she did her best when she did her work at home.

So do your best when she worked hard.

Do you like this story?___________

If you could be any character who would you be?______________________________________________________________

Do you think you should act like any of the characters?__________

If so which one?_______________________________

Who are in story?________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What happened in the story?________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Do you think you could be taught something new when someone new come into your life?_________________________________

Would you welcome their lessons or would you throw them out the window and say "I just don't care about the lessons being taught to me"?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Is it better to be kind and a friend?____________________

Or is it better to be mean to people?________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Is it better to be rude to people?________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Or is it better to be polite and courteous and considerate to people?________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Is it better to be loving toward people?____________________

Or is better to have sinful thoughts in your heart toward others?


How would you end the story?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Who is Bell?___________________________________________

What happened to her father?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________What happened to the Prince?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What did the witch do to the Prince?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Why did the witch do what she did to the Prince?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

So what did the Prince do?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What happened to the Prince's male and maid servants?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Was Bell forced to marry another guy?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What happened when the other guy wanted to force Bell to marry him?________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What happened to the Beast when Bell spoke to him?________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What happened to the Beast after Bell spoke to him?________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Did the Beast scare her?________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Did Bell dislike the Beast?________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Was the Beast kind to Bell?________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Why was the Beast kind to the Bell?________________________________________________________________________________________________________

How did anything change between the Beast and Bell?________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Did the other guy ever fight the Beast to marry Bell?________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Did the Beast fight the other guy after the guy attacked him?________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Even though the Beast had the other guy in his grips did the Beast destroy the guy who attacked him?________________________________________________________________________________________________________

If the Beast did not destroy the other guy who attacked him then can you say how come the Beast did not destroy the guy?________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Did the town people attack the Beast?________________________________________________________________________________________________________

When did the town people attack the Beast?________________________________________________________________________________________________________

How did the town people attack the Beast?_______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Did the witch put a curse on the Prince?________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What did the witch say about how to remove the curse?_______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Did the Beast try to get rid of the curse?________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What happened when the curse was taken off the Beast?________________________________________________________________________________________________________

How does the curse affect the candlestick and clock?________________________________________________________________________________________________________

How would you like to live like that?___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Did you know sin is a curse and mankind has fallen short of the Glory of GOD?  Did you know that you are just like the Beast in the story Beauty and the Beast.  Because when we are in sin we do anything and say anything and believe anything that would hurt someone else.  And when the curse of sin is on mankind that means you and me that you steal.  You lie on others.  You say mean things to people.  And you just do not care how you hurt people.  People will want to pick up a pitch fork and hurt you seriously with it.  People will not care.  And like the Prince who was turned into a Beast people will want to hurt you instead of become your friend.

But Jesus Christ came to break that curse called sin.  John 3:16-17 said For GOD so loved the world that HE gave HIS only begotten SON that whosoever believeth in HIM shall not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:17King James Version (KJV)

17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

(For Jesus  did not come into the world to condemn it but that they would have everlasting life and to have it more abundantly.)

John10:10The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.

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