What did Little Red Riding Hood's mother tell her not to do?_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

For the ones that has English go to youtube and look under cc and then look for Auto translation scroll down to Spanish then it will be in Spanish you have to play with it until it yields the Auto translation. Okay your turn.  This for each one that is in English, okay.  That also goes for the music too.  Then you can sing the songs in Spanish

Adjust your language for Spanish to create or to do the Art project in Spanish.  That include the stories above that is fully English.  Ask your mom to help you. 

Did Little Red Riding Hood get away?_______________________________

Little Red Riding Hood

How did it happen?_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Who asked Little Red Riding Hood questions?_____________________

What were the questions that were asked?___________________________________________________________________________________________________

Jesus The Miracles And the Story  

           of Easter Questions

What was the first Miracle Jesus Christ did?_____________________________

What was the second Miracle Jesus Christ did?______________________________________________________________

Who stopped the Storm?_______________________________

Who gave the two fishes and five loaves of bread?_______________________________

How many baskets were left from the first feeding?_______________________________

Who walked on water?_______________________________

Who else walked on water?_______________________________

Who doubted that he could walk on water?_______________________

Who lost their faith in GOD?_________________________

How many Disciples did Jesus Christ have?________________________

Who was Mary and Martha's brother?______________________________

How many days was Lazarus in the tomb?______________________

How many days did Jesus Christ stay in the borrowed tomb?_______________

How many days did Jesus Christ stay with HIS Disciples after HIS death and resurrection?_______________________

Who rode on the donkey into town?_______________________________

Who went to the Temple?___________

Who was angry when the merchants made money in the Temple?______________________________

Who did not believe that Jesus Christ was the SON of GOD?_____________________________________________________________________________________________

Did Jesus Christ bless the children?______________________________

Are you suppose to love your enemies?


What was the meal called when Jesus Christ met with them?_______________________________

Who washed the feet of Peter?_______________________________

Who kissed Jesus Christ?______________________________

Who prayed to GOD the FATHER?______________________________

Who rolled the stone away?____________________________

Who rose on the third day?____________________________

Who came to anoint Jesus Christ on the third day?____________________

Who said to throw your net on the other side of the boat?_____________

Who said I have to go to the FATHER?_______________________________

Who told the villagers about Jesus Christ?_______________________

How was the person rescued?______________________________________________________________

Was Little Red Riding Hood suppose to take something else instead of what her mother asked her to take?


Who were involved______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Did Little Red Riding Hood recognize grandmother?______________________________________________________________

Who was in grandmother's bed?_______________________________

What questions did Little Red Riding Hood ask the grandmother in bed?_____________________________________________________________________________________________

What did Little Red Riding Hood take instead?_____________________________________________________________________________________________

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What did Little Red Riding Hood take to the person who was not feeling well?_____________________________________________________________________________________________

Please press the youtube symbol and go to settings then go to Auto Translate and it will translate English to Spanish.  Then you can read it in Spanish.  Okay your turn.

Who is Little Red Riding Hood?_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

             Game Time

What is orange and long and rabbits eat them_______________________

What is furry and comes in the colors brown, black, white and grey___________________________

What is delivered and comes in brown, yellow, purple, green, orange, red and black_________________________

What do children go on and they look for them______________________

When do children say a speech and wear bunnets each year___________________________

What do children make or what is it called and they place green grass and little birds in it_____________________________

When children gather together and sit at the table they eat lamb, green jelly mixed vegetables and they drink milk or lemonade what is that meal called?______________________________

The song is called HE Rose from the Dead when is that song sung?_______________________________

When a certain Person is shown in a movie dying on a cross who is that movie about?______________________________

 Story Time 2

Who was hurt?_______________________________

       The Tale of Peter Rabbit

             by Beatrix Potter

Who rescued Little Red Riding Hood?______________________________________________________________

What happened when Little Red Riding Hood did not listen?_________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Who chased Little Red Riding Hood?______________________________________________________________

What happen?_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Who did not feel well?_______________________________

Who was wearing the grandmother's clothes?______________________

Was the person rewarded for rescuing anyone?_____________________________________________________________________________________________

What happened to the grandmother?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Where was Little Red Riding Hood afterwards?______________________________________________________________

Did the grandmother know it was Little Red Riding Hood at the door entrance?_______________________________

Who else did Little Red Riding Hood meet?_______________________________________

What happened to the grandmother?


Did anyone rescue Little Red Riding Hood?_______________________

The Summer andChristmas Extravaganza


When did anyone rescue Little Red Riding Hood?_____________________________________________________________________________________________

Did Little Red Riding Hood listen?____________________________________

Who else was rescued?_______________________________

Tell me what is the name of this story?______________________________________________

Who wrote the story?_____________________________


Tell me what is the story about?______________________________________________Who is in the story?____________________________________________________________________________________________

Are there any bunnies in the story?______________________________________________If there are how many are there?______________________________________________

What are the bunnies names?____________________________________________________________________________________________

Were they all good little bunnies?____________________________________________________________________________________________

Who picked the berries?_____________________________________________________________________________________________

Who were the bad little bunnies?____________________________________________________________________________________________

Who went into the cabbage patch?______________________________________________

Who was chased out of the cabbage patch?______________________________________________

Was it Mopsy, being chased out of the cabbage patch?


Was it Flopsy, being chased out of the cabbage patch?______________________________________________

Who ran into the tool shed?________________________

Was it Mopsy and Flopsy?_________________________

Who jumped into the water?_______________________

Who caught a cold?______________________________

Who had to take tea and go to bed?_________________

Did Mopsy and Flopsy get wet with water?___________

Who missed out on having a meal with the rest of the bunny family?_________________________________

Who did not listen to their mom?__________________

Who almost got caught under the fence?_____________________________________________

Who had an accident and made into a rabbit pie?_____________________________________________

Was there a man in the story?______________________________________________

What was his name?______________________________

What did he do for a living?____________________________________________________________________________________________

Where did he live?______________________________________________

Did he live in a chicken coop?______________________________________________

Did he live in a wheel barrel?______________________

Did he live in a barn?____________________________

Did he live in a hole like the foxes?__________________

Did he live in an airplane like the pilots fly?____________

Did he live on a boat or a ship?_____________________

Did he live on a train?____________________________

Where exactly did the man live?____________________________________________________________________________________________

Did he have a wife?______________________________

Did she live with him?____________________________

What was her name?_____________________________

Who lost their shoes______________________________

Who jumped in a water bucket?_____________________

What happened to the coat and shoes?______________________________________________

What kind of tea did the bunny drink?______________________________________________

Who is Benjamin?________________________________

Who did he laugh at?_____________________________

Was Benjamin a good bunny?______________________________________________

If not why not?__________________________________

What happened when the Farmer and his wife leave the farm?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What was the name of the mother rabbit?______________________________________________

What was the name of the father rabbit?______________________________________________

Who obtained a spanking for not listening?______________________________________________

Who returned the little bunnies?______________________________________________

Tell me what this story is about.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Who was the person that rescued everyone?____________________

Does Little Red Riding Hood have a mother?_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What were the answers to Little Red Riding Hood's questions?_____________________________________________________________________________________________

Did Little Red Riding Hood listen afterwards?_____________________________________________________________________________________________

Who did Little Red Riding Hood meet?_______________________________________

What did Little Red Riding Hood's mother tell her?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________