The Summer andChristmas Extravaganza


      Second Grade


Bullying in Second Grade is not good.  If a girl in class is dancing on the play ground at recess time don't worry.  You two might become great friends later in life.  Because it is not set in stone that you will always remain the subject of ridicule.

Maybe you could make other friends in the mean time and the new people you meet will become your friend and look forward to being with you each time at recess time.  Even in the cafeteria you can make friends and swap meal items.  Maybe your classmate will give you her brownie at lunch and maybe she can ask you for your pizza and you will become friends like that.  Or maybe it is jello that you might want to trade for spaghetti or a sloppy joe sandwich with barbecue sauce.  You never know because your nice classmates can see that you are nice and is a nice person to be a friend with.