The Summer andChristmas Extravaganza



Hi visitors and parents allow me to introduce myself.  I am The Summer And Christmas Extravaganza All Girl School.

I have graduated from the University of Phoenix. I have my Bachelor of Science.  My Major was Human Services.  I have 17 years of teaching Experience in Preschool.  I have worked with infants/toddlers. 

I have worked with School Age Students to Special Need College Students.  I have tutored elementary children such as 2nd Graders and 4th Graders in Language Arts.  I have tutored 4th Graders in Math.

I have helped a little girl blow a bead out of her nose.  I have performed C.P.R. on a toddler by swatting the toddler and since the toddler was gagging on an object the object fell out of his mouth once I turned the toddler upside down in mid air.  The toddler lived. 

I taught all kinds of lessons at Circle Time.  We will have fun afterwards going to different Play Areas.  Children learn to express their selves in different ways. 

Even when it comes to cutting, pasting, and coloring.  So enroll in my school and have fun learning with me and I will learn from you.

I also believe in feeding the hungry and meeting the basic needs of the children and parents.  I gave away food on Pre-Thanks Giving Day.  I also gave away food even when it was not a holiday.  The parents were happy.  The children ate as much as they could hold. 

I gave away turkey/dressing.  I gave away cakes pies, and bread already sliced.  I gave away string beans.  I gave away mashed potatoes and gravy.  I gave away cream soda and water. 

I gave away coffee and donuts. 

I gave away coco and Coco Cola.  I enjoyed giving away food to the needy.  It is not always about taking food home for myself.  It appears when I have food to give away and that the needs are being met my life seems to be happy. 

But now I would like to give my services of learning to the children but parents you're funding will make it possible for me to teach them and much and much more.  So join me and enroll your daughters, nieces, girl cousins, and little aunties in my school and you and your children and relatives and little friends will never regret it. 

Also join my Donation section and help me donate different items to the Orphans in Orphan Promise.  This is a huge project.  But if you can get a shoe box and wrap it up with red and white wrapping paper around the shoe box each orphan will appreciate it. 

Just place a doll inside. 

Place a chicken salad kit inside the shoe box.  Place 4 bottle water inside the shoe box.  Place some gummy fruit packets by Welches inside the shoe box and place a coloring book and crayons inside of that shoe box.  Then find a dollhouse and include It with that toy box and mail them together to Orphan Promise. 

Now for the boys wrap the shoe box with blue and white wrapping paper.  Do the same items for the boys but give them a toy train and train tracks to go with the train when you send it to Orphan Promise. 

Please do not forget to place a children's Bible inside the shoe box for both girls and boys.   The address is in the Donation section so please donate these items to them.  There are also other items you can donate too but remember they must be new so the orphans can wear them. 

You wouldn't want to receive anything raggedy would you?  I sure hope not so donate these items to them.  You just don't know what kind of a wonderful feeling will come over you.

Thank you.

The Associations I belong to are as follows:


Brownie Scouts

Girl Scout

Explorer Scout

Candy Striper

Honor Roll


Dean’s List

Sunday School Teacher Assistant

Sunday School Teacher


Minister of Praise and Worship

Minister of Music

I encourage little boys and girls to attend Children Church and to have fun answering the Children Church Questions that follows after the Children Church Service is over.  I

recommend the parents to enroll their daughters, nieces, girl cousins and little aunties in enrolling into the Summer And Christmas Extravaganza All Girl School and if they have any brother then they can attend the Children Church only with their little sisters.  Because the rest of the programs are for the little girls in Preschool.

The student will be given an Assessment Test.  This is not a pass or fail test.  This is a test just to see where the student is at in her education level. 

I will keep a progress file so the parent and I and the student will know what we will work on so we will be prepared.  This is a self-pace level school too.  

Because everybody is not on the same learning level.   We learn by doing.  So if we are learning colors for example:  Let’s say we are learning about the color red I will ask the parents to collect items that are naturally red. 

For example I would ask the parents to obtain an item like a fruit or a vehicle that is the color red.  The child will the red strawberry, and I will ask what is red? 

The child will say the strawberry is red.  Then I will ask the child to spell the color red.  The child will spell the color   r  e  d.  So this will go from simple to complex gradually.  The more the student places time and effort to learn the faster the progress will increase. 

But if the need rises up to study more where they fall short in I will help the student learn the subject until the student finally know the subject without hesitating to be tested on that subject that she at first was weak in.

Also little girls who continues with me can also attend First Grade through Fourth Grade and eventually graduate to Fifth Grade. And then attend junior high school and high school.  But that will be later on.  But let’s see how Preschool go.  Then when they succeed they will be ready for the big school.

These subjects, will be subjects, which are accepted by the School Board of Education and qualified for the students to graduate.  But this is a Private School and is not affiliated with the School Board of Education.

I am here to empower girls to let them know that they can do anything positive when they work at it.  I am also here to encourage them to go the extra mile.  I am also here to prepare them for the big Elementary School.  So not only do I develop their self-esteem but also the cognitive.  I develop the emotional (positive) skills.

 I develop the social.  I develop good health habits.  I develop the maturity of self.  I develop the spirit of GOD in this sense that they learn about Jesus Christ and sing songs about Jesus Christ.  They also develop praying

skills and faith in Jesus Christ. 

They will learn how to develop the believe skill which encourages them to trust Jesus Christ for their selves.  For an example:  They will pray and ask Jesus Christ to help them learn their lessons and pass their tests when test time comes. 

So I give them 4 days to study and when Friday comes, they will take their test and believe that they will pass the test because they prayed and studied. When they pass their test then they will believe that Jesus Christ answered their prayer. 

Then they will apply their faith believing skills in all of their subjects.  


  I develop the mental.

 I develop the environmental.

 I also increase vocabulary.

 I develop the language skills. 

Girls will lean how to be creative and show off their artistic talents.  They will also learn how to sing and be glad they started at The Summer And The Christmas Extravaganza All Girl School.  The students will need their parent or older sibling like age (18) to assist them with their daily assignments. 

This is also a Preschool that will encourage you to stay in until you are at the age of 6 years old.  Why 6 years old because when students are not mature for the big Elementary School students tend to fail and eventually drop out and loose the opportunity to attend college.

 So what I do is discourage students from becoming a drop out by making their learning experience an enjoyable time to learn and to encourage them to further their education and much more.

By Miss. Bridget C. Biggins, B.S.