The Summer andChristmas Extravaganza


Art Teacher Assistant

High school graduate, show high school diploma or high school letter stating you graduated from high school.  Must have units in art.  Willing to learn and work toward obtaining an AA degree in art and a Associate Teacher Permit. Must have a CPR/FIRST AID certificate, Live Scan Clearance, Background Check, Drug Test, TB  Negative result, Resume and Cover Letter.  Two or three references.  Must love working with children. Ask for an interview.

Preschool Teacher Must love children.  Must love teaching children and be patient with them.  Child Development Teacher Permit.  Must bring Finger Print  and Background Check Forms. Live Scan Copy. AA, AS, BA,BS Degree. Any of these degrees are accepted.  Must have 24 units. Negative TB, CPR/FIRST AID Certificate.  Copy of Unofficial Transcripts until you have the Official Transcripts. With a grade of a B or better. Bring Two References.  If you have three that would help.  Must have a car or a bicycle, or ride the bus, or have some form of transportation to travel to the student's house. If you know Spanish that will help but not mandatory. ask for an interview so bring a Resume and a Cover Letter 

Assistant Teacher Must have 6 units.  But expecting to see 12 units by June in order to be an Associate Teacher. You must have a Negative TB, CPR/FIRST AID Certificate. Background Check, Bring Finger Prints, Live Scan copy.  If you know Spanish that will help but not mandatory. But it will help.  Copy of Unofficial Transcripts until you have the Official Transcripts. With a letter grade of a B or better.  You must write an essay saying why you would like to be an Assistant Teacher. Bring it with you.  You will be supervised by a Preschool Teacher. You must have some form of transportation such as a car, bicycle or a bus to travel with the Preschool Teacher. Must have an Assistant Teacher Permit. Drug Test  Bring Resume and Cover Letter.

Associate Teacher Must have 12 units in Early Childhood or Child Development or Both. You must have a Negative TB, CPR/FIRST AID Certificate. Background Check, Bring Finger Prints, Live Scan copy. Drug Test.  If you know Spanish that will help but not mandatory.  But it will help. Copy of Unofficial Transcripts until you have the Official Transcripts.  With a letter grade of a B or better.  You must write an essay saying why you would like to be an Associate Teacher.  Take courses in the evening working toward your Associates of Arts degree, or Associates of Science degree in Child Development or Early Child Development.

Must have some form of transportation. Such as a car, a bicycle or the bus.  You will need it to travel with the Preschool Teacher. Bring your Resume and Cover Letter


Every child is unique and we believe that success and growth come from encouragement and praise. Our teachers focus on building every child’s self esteem and confidence through positive feedback and rewards. We nurture their natural strengths. A child see’s the world around them with wonder and awe, we believe in encouraging their natural curiosity.

Multimedia Specialist

We are seeking someone knowledgeable in the use of smart-board technology and computer networking. Applicants must be familiar with educational apps and other educational technology. Call today for more information.

Certified Instructors

We are looking for certified instructors who are familiar with child-first teaching methods. We are hiring for multiple shifts. Contact us today for more information about available positions.

Learn A Language

Kindergarten Teacher/1-3rd Grade

Candidates applying for these positions must have the CBEST certificate. But if you don't have the CBEST Certificate you can still work as a Kindergarten Teacher.  But let me know when test date is and when you are going to take the test.  I will let you keep your position if you passed one section.  But you must make sure that you pass the other two parts of the CBEST or you can take two parts of the CBEST and keep the job or take all three of the CBEST but you must remember to pass all three sections in order to keep working as a Kindergarten Teacher  until you past the CBEST but make sure you study and set a date to take the CBEST and if you pass the test then you can keep your Kindergarten Teaching status position...  Bachelors of Arts, Bachelors of Science or a Masters of Arts or Master of Science degree.  These are the qualifications to Teach the above grades.  I know when you take tests you begin to get nervous so I will give you three chances to pass the CBEST but if you fail all three times then you will have to decide which position you would like to teach in instead of the Kindergarten Position.

You must also have your own transportation  You  can have a car or a bicycle or the bus you must have some sort of transportation to attend the student's house. Drug test.  Background Check. Live scan Clearance, Finger Prints, CPR/FIRST AID certificate.  Bring Resume and Cover Letter.

Art Teachers

Teachers who specialize in art need to bring an album of art projects that you have done in the past.  So it can be reviewed.  Once it has been reviewed you will be given an interview. If you have knowledge of sewing, quilting, knitting, crocheting, rug hooking, needle points please apply for this position.  You will need to have some units in Art, High School graduate, and a Preschool Teacher Permit or passed the CBEST , CPR,FIRST AID certificate, Background Check, Live scan Clearance, Negative TB Result, Drug Test.  Love working with children. Bring Resume and Cover Letter.  Bring two or three References

Everyone will receive one hour for exercise and one hour for lunch.  I do not want anyone under stress so exercises will be important to take on this type of job.  If you have benefits already then that is great.  You will be on probation for one month if you can get through the first month then you can get through every month.  Being punctual is a must. You must call if you are going to be late. I can cover for you.  But if you are suppose to be here and you do not call then you better have a good excuse for not calling or showing up at all.  I will accept an excuse if the cell phone stopped working.  Or you had a life and death emergency. Or you have come down with a terrible contagious cold which you do not want to spread to the staff.

You must join the NAEYC because then you can attend the training that they offer.

Job Opportunities

Applying: classmates who attended 24th Street School or Queen Ann Elementary School with Miss. Bridget C. Biggins are welcome to apply for the positions.

Patricia you and your sister can apply for the position too.

I also would like to let everyone know that you must have a permit for each position except for the Kindergarten positions those include the CBEST  a BA, BS, MA, MS, degree. 

We will be happy that you applied and will hire you. 

Now we celebrate holidays, birthday, Christenings, and Baby showers and weddings.  We believe in GOD the Father, GOD the SON and GOD the HOLY SPIRIT.  So conduct yourself accordingly.  We also have Religious Studies on Sunday so if you would like to bring your children on Sundays to

The Summer and Christmas Extravaganza Children Church it will be on this website with a video and activities for your children to participate in. Parents you also will need to participate in the Children Church by helping them find the scriptures and the Books of the Bible during Children Church time. 

Uri your teacher relatives and you are welcome to apply also.

Please email me your resume or call me and I will let you know how to send your resume to me.  Make sure you have a Cover Letter and the other items mentioned in the job description.  Then call me for an interview and we will set a time about where and when to meet for an interview.