The Summer andChristmas Extravaganza


       First Grade

Please turn the music and the Lang-

guage Arts on to make it interesting.

Bullying is not okay in school.  Maybe when a girl go to school you should accept her for who she is not because of what kinds of clothes she wears or how short she is.

Everyone is the same.  Everyone is a human being.  Everyone are not a robot without feelings.

Look for things that you are good at.  Don't be so quick to give up on your skills or hobbies or talents.  Try to find people who participated with you in Summer Camp or Music Camp.  You never know those people who were with you who cheered you on may be the best friends you ever had.

Study for your class test and do your homework you might impress others in class who truly need your help in the same subject you might be having trouble in. 

So keep your spirits up and eventually the bullying will stop.

You have to like yourself no matter what others are saying despite how much it hurt to hear them say mean things about you.  You just have to believe in yourself and after a while things will change.  The teacher will either match you up with the bully or one of the bully's friend who truly isn't doing well in class and you will be able to show and share with your new partner how to improve in the class assignment or subject that the poor student is having problems in.

So there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Take up for the poor student when a task or mistake happens and then when you are in a different subject such as P.E. or Physical Education then that person you took up for can come to your side and prevent the bullying from occurring.

There are many ways to go about preventing bullying in the class, including the playground.  Teachers who observe what the situation is will stop the situation to so keep in good spirits turn your homework in on time and study hard and do your best when it comes to extra class subjects, and stay involved in school.  Pretty soon there will be once again someone who likes what you stand for.

Write me and bring your concerns about bullying and I will help you avoid or help you prevent bullying for you.

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The Summer And Christmas Extravaganza All Girl School contact page. Fill the form out and tell me your problem you are having concerns in school.