The Summer andChristmas Extravaganza


Farm Animals

Who says cluck cluck?_______

Who says coco doodle do?_________

Who says eats carrots and lettuce?____________

What looks like a duck but walks on the grass all day?  And they fly South in the winter time?_______________

   What swims all day and sometimes walk on grass?_________

What eat cans and paper and has horns on the top of their head?___________

What goes gobble gobble?_________

What do you play catch with and it runs after the ball and gives it back to you?__________

What sleeps on the chair and plays with yarn?_________________

Who says baaa baaa?__________

Who says woof woof?__________

Who says meow?______________

Who says moo moo?___________

Who says oink oink?___________

Who says quack quack?__________

Who says hi haw?______________

Who says naaa naaa?____________

Who eat apples and carrots?_____