Today's Date________________________________________

Child's Name________________________________________


Telephone Number___________________________________

United States Citizen Y_______   N_______

English as a second language?  Y______ N_______

Main language spoken at home_____________  school ______________

Need Translater?  Y__________ N_____________

Who speaks fluent English?  Bring him or her with you?________________________________________

Paid in the beginning of The Month Date_____________________________

Paid in the End of The Month Date__________________________________

Paid in Full Month Date___________________________________________

Cost is $1400.00 a month__________  Or   Pay $700.00 in the beginning of the month____________

and $700.00 at the end of the month.


Pay $27000.00 in full per month_______ Or Pay $13,500.00 in the beginning of the month plus $13,500.00 at the end of the month.

Receipt will be given after each payment.

Vacination Shots and Dates______________________________________________

T.B. Test Date Taken______________________

T.B. Test Results  Negative_________________ Positive___________________

Will not accept child until the child has been cleared with a chest x-ray clearance if child does not have a negative T.B. Test Result.

Alergies What kinds?_________________________________________________

Do they need to take medication or an inhaler to be healthy?Yes_____No_______

Emergency Pick up List


Telephone Number______________________________________


Dentist Check Up Date____________________________________

Dentist Next Appointment?_________________________________

Time to pick up child expected______________________________

After School Program Yes_____________ No___________________

Bring Breakfast Yes__________________ No____________________

Bring Lunch       Yes_________________  No____________________

Bring Snack        Yes_________________ No____________________

Scared of children? Yes_______________ No_____________________

Scared of people?   Yes_______________ No_____________________

Need Child Psychologist? Yes______________ No__________________

Will give referral if needed.____________________________________

Standard Development Report Development Program Assessment

Does the child know her colors?_____________________________

Does the child know her numbers?____________________________ 

Does the child know her opposites?____________________________

Does the child know her Days of the Week?______________________

Does the child know her name?________________________________

Does the child recognize the spelling of her name__________________

Does the child know how to write her name_______________________

Did the child have an ear and throat and eye exam?________________

Does the child have a problem hearing sound?_____________________

Does the child plays by herself or with other children?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Does the child feel insecure?_____________________________________________

Is the child feisty?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Is the child slow to warm up______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Is the child's body respected?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Is the child even tempered?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Does the child like herself?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Does the child make friends easily?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Does the child smoke drugs or dope?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Was the child chemically exposed?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Was the child exposed to alcohol?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Does the child requires special assistance like rehab?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Does the child have ADD?Or ADHD? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

We will giver a referral for it till the child becomes better._______________________

Is the child's attention span short?_________________________________________

Was the child ever a biter because of a lack of vocabulary words or does not know how to use her words?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Was the child ever neglected?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

We do have mommy and me classes which encourages mommy to engage with their daughter in a loving, caring, and understanding through prayer and studying the Bible.

We believe that the mother should not only learn about Jesus Christ but the mother and the entire family.  So family participation will be required.  Volunteering in the classroom will be required.  Having a play date with other parents and children is what will be required that way the children will learn how to make friends, develop a social medium and also the parents can give each other a rest from their child by having a day to herself. 

Sometimes mothers who have daughters are stressed out by being with the daughter all of the time.  Well at our school we will learn how to network and doll both our daughter and our selves up with beautiful accessories and be proud that they are mothers if you have a dad bringing a daughter or the traditional parent household raising the daughter(s) are welcome to come too.  But basically it is for single parents like the mothers.  Because basically she is the first teacher and the first to burn out so that is why we have mommy and me classes. 

Please email me your child's enrollment application to

Miss. Bridget C. Biggins

email address:

Thank you and if you have any questions please email them to me and I will be very glad to take the time to answer you.


Miss. Bridget C. Biggins



Minister of Praise and Worship

Minister of Music 

Regarding contacting The Summer And Christmas Extravaganza All Girl School,
copy the application fill it out and place it in the message box below but fill out everything below please.

Thank you 

The Summer andChristmas Extravaganza


               Enrollment for   

       your granddaughters/friends daughters,nieces,aunties,cousins(girl)

Please copy the questions one by one and answer the questions in a Word document and then submit it to this page and place it in the submit box.

Thank you.

Then I will contact you within 48 to 72 hours, okay.


Our children who are potty trained and 3 years old can be enrolled into our school.  There is nothing wrong for them to come at 2 1/2 years old as long as they are going to have their birthday the next week.  For instance if the child's is 2 1/2 and let's say today is the 14th of October.  But the child is still 2 1/2 but her birthday is on the 19th of October then the  child is going to be 3 years old and can be enrolled to join our school enrollment list.  Children should be allowed to explore their boundaries.  But give them a safety net so they will know that they are cared for.  Children learn by hands on.  Children learn by showing.  Children learn from repetition.  Always be open to their ideas.  Do not make them feel less important.  Respect their body and make them feel like they are important.  No question is a dumb question.  If you don't ask any questions at all then people will assume that you know.  But not in our school because we enrich their minds with wisdom.  We enrich their minds with knowledge.  We encourage questions.  We assure them that they are welcomed and accepted.  We will comfort them when they feel uneasy.  We will sing to them to get to know them.  We will question them to see if they understand.  We will develop the Social, the Physical, the Mental, the Emotional, the Enviornmental and the Spiritual.

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