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These are some suggestions of exercises that any of you can choose from. So choose to participate in the routines.  Take advantage of them while you can don't become sedentary, or a couch potato.  And like yourself.  It won't make you a Narcissist.

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Financial Money Bag

What is a money bag? 

I am glad you asked.  Let's see is it the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?  No, and if you said no you are correct.  Is it a bag you found in the middle of no where?  No, and if you answered no you might be wrong.  You see a money bag is something you possess for yourself whether you found it on the street and you claim it as yours or you paid off all of your debts and now have a perfect credit score, as a result that is your money bag.  I myself looked at others and assumed oh they obtain their money bag by inheritance.  Either a parent or a relative passed their fortune to their favorite niece or nephew and now their favorite niece or nephew is now the richest in the family.  Let's look at Richie Rich.  That child was extremely rich.  But how you keep it is another chapter in it's self.  When you have your own no body can take it away from you unless you blow it away yourself.  Now when you pay off all of your loans, you receive a great fica score.  Some people says this is called careful planning and a credit score.

Let's say that your car breaks down and you are on your way to an important engagement but you don't have any money.  What do you do?  Call a car assistance program?  No that isn't going to help you because once your 3 time opportunities are finished you have to pay.  Some people say always keep at least $5,000.00 in the bank for a rainy day.  If you have $10,000.00 and your account is becoming short like close to the $5000.00 stop!

Because if you obtain another emergency like you forgot your key and or you have to have a key made whether it is to your house or to your car.  Trust me you do not want to be incapable of paying for your important object.

So by that being said always have your money bag. 

Sometimes it would have been ideal to marry your Prince Charming back in the day.  But let's face it how many Prince Charming's are out there looking for a wife?.. So ladies if you are not in an arranged marriage set up or in the process of having a lottery payment being issued to you, then do yourself a favor and create  a money bag.  Now years back there were programs suggesting to get into the stock and bonds network.  But when you read the fine print you have to already have boggles of money plus a portfolio of money.


So how does the woman or lady obtain her money bag when there isn't anyone in her family wealthy?  Well for starters pray to GOD to show you the way in regards to obtaining a money bag.  Then be a good Stewart in paying your tithes.  Don't forget to pay your offering. Now you might say but where does the money comes in?  Good question, you could start by suggesting people to purchase your cookies, cakes, and pies.  Some people have a garage sale.  Sometimes it works.  Or you can become the seasonal store and advertise your items that you created for that particular holiday.

Others just put away $100.00 per week or per paycheck.  But the bottom line is have a money bag in the event an emergency occurs.  Now a lady who is very famous said "when you pay off your debts you obtain respect."  But this is not respect from the layman but respect from the financial institutions.  It all depends where you bank at because they know that they can trust you.  And if you do not have $10,000.00 guess what?  You can start saving money by purchasing a 5 gallon bottle and placing pennies in one nickels in one dimes in another and finally quarters in the last one. 

Remember coins are the best things to save.   Little by little you will,  over time, obtain more than you thought you could obtain.  Now one thing you must remember it is not an over night sensation unless you want to be a popular musician.  Now you say I don't want to put in all that time being a popular musician.  Well that is okay go to something else.  Look at what you are good at and sale it.  But make sure the item you are placing up for sale is not illegal.

I do not want you telling people like the authorities well The Summer and Christmas Extravaganza All Girl School said to sale things that are illegal.  Trust me do not put me in that because I did not say that, I said something that is worth placing on sale that does not wind you up in jail, San Quinton, Alcatraz, okay.  And I don't want you to sale things that would land you in the mental ward.

Believe me everyone needs their freedom so let's be practical about what you place on sale to bring in money otherwise you will not obtain your money bag.

You know they say love and marriage makes the world go round but how can you live off of love and can't eat?

How can you live off of love and you can't pay your bills or student loans or a mortgage or a car payment?

You also once you obtain a money bag  is to keep it separate from the marriage account.

Oh you heard that cliché "don't place all of your eggs in the same basket."  That is a true cliché.  Let me tell you why. 

There was once a lady, she was married to a great wealthy man.  She loved him and he paid all of the bills.  He took care of all of the payments.  Once he passed away she was very depressed and she felt extremely vulnerable because she did not know how to pay for anything.  So I suggest to get a head start on learning how to pay your debts and bills etcetera.  Don't be depending on a wealthy man to be your husband and once he is gone you are left without wisdom and knowledge on how to pay your debts because that is not a good feeling.

Now some people say to invest in a program called Rich Uncles.  Now I have not invested in that but you can try it and see how that is going to work.  But I prefer the old fashion way.  And that is to work and save.  Work toward obtaining a money bag.  Work to resolve all emergency mishaps in the event they rise up.   Also don't borrow money because that can turn into a debt if you can't pay it back.  Please be the lender not the borrower because you might start having nightmares about how you are going to pay it back. 

Whether it is a utility bill or a student loan or a mortgage payment or a car payment if you do not have a way to pay them off please whatever you do don't submit to them.  In other words don't fill out applications promising you the world and when you want to obtain that truly means something to you, you can't purchase it because of the debts you have not paid.

Let me tell you what happened to me.  I obtained a student loan and started to pay on it and it escalated to a court situation.  Then I was suppose to learn my lesson right?  Wrong, there was an advertisement that looked too good to be true.  Well as you know I fell for it and then could not keep up the payments.  I started to obtain a debt I was not prepared for.  So once I started thinking I thought to make a sacrifice.

It was the worse sacrifice because I had to miss purchasing meals for Thanks Giving the way I like to purchase and I didn't have any Christmas presents under the tree.  But the great thing is that I paid off that student loan debt.

Sometime you have to save and make it better for your credit score.  And if you have a credit score that isn't great then your credit score is going to affect your significant other fica score or credit score and you might feel slighted if he dumps you.

So never believe this Prince Charming and live happily ever after especially if he is in debt too because neither of you are not suited for each other.  Sometime in life he wants a red car.  But he can't afford it and he has a fight with you because you do not have enough money to help him afford it.  But then you are upset because he can't afford a ring.  But he can afford a crack a jack ring but that is unsatisfactory at least in your view.

So if you know your credit is not good then don't go looking for a significant other and think that everything is going to be fine if he is rich because nine times out of ten he isn't going to marry you.  You have to have something too, don't think because he has money above the amount that you have whatever that amount might be, is sufficient enough to look for a wealthy man because that isn't going to work.

Look at Donald Trump is he wealthy?  Yes but look at who his wife is?  Do your homework. Just to help you with your homework, Melania came from a family who believed in working.  Her father was into the dealership manufacturer Business. Melania attended the University she studied design and architecture Melania became a Model.  She also spoke different languages.  Later she began to support Charities.  But you must remember she had to have money in order to support or to contribute to them.  Never mind about the different Charities she supported.  The bottom line is she had to have something for Donald Trump to select her for his wife.  Being the character in My Fair Lady or Cinderella isn't reality.  Cindy as you know did not live in a castle.  She was just an ordinary person without wealth yet later she marries the wealthy Prince.  But was she happy?

See you have to have something like the song says "you have to have something if you want to be with me."  Well that serves as a heavy weight because it is true.  You can't base your marriage on love alone because if you do not have anything then you are going to be sad. 

I am not saying you have to be like Melania but if you truly look at what she brought to the table, then you will think again about what you are bringing to the table.

So what are you bringing to the table?

Is dad a Businessman?

Is mom a Businesswoman?

Are both parents understanding about their financial situation?

Is one parent willing to marry the other parent even though the other parent might not be making enough?

Are they compatible with love making the most decision?

I realize that not everyone is going to have a father who has a successful Business.  But the question is what are you doing to contribute to the table?

I was downtown one day and I saw two people both of them were husband and wife but they both started off with being on the Government Assistant Program.

Now do you think that is a great way to start off?

Well, guess what some couples marry right after high school and they are not working but they did graduate with their Bachelor's Degree.  The parents on both side contribute to the wedding.  They find a house for them to live in.  But the question is do they have a money bag?

This has been Miss. Bridget C. Biggins bringing you this important article so that when you obtain or consider getting married that you have everything ready so in the event the guy leaves you that you still can survive financially because you have your money bag and did not "place all of your eggs in one basket."

One more thing remember the guy needs to like you a lot to pay your debts without any conditions associated with paying your debts.  Because Melania paid for her University cost through her Modeling career or her dad paid for it.

But who wants to be in debt with their parents?  So obtain a career where you can pay your debts all off and major in a skill that can bring in boggles of money.  Like I said if he tries to find fault with you then Avwa or Sara Nara and you might emotionally be hurt but financially you are set for life especially when you still have your money bag separate from the marriage account. 

Who is to say that he isn't having several other girls as his friends that he is distributing funding to.  Who is to say, so don't make your self disappointed by going into debt then trying to find a wealthy guy to marry you because that is not the real world.  Looks may help but not the only thing in this world is going to change the debt collectors from calling you.

Look if you want to avoid debt just pay cash for everything.  It might take some time to save but in the long run it will be yours and you won't have to see all of those valuable things you treasure taken away.

By the way it was called being a gold digger when you don't have any money and you have debt over your head and you are looking for a wealthy man to get you out of debt.

What are you willing to put up with?

Are you willing to take abuse of any kind just to get out of debt?  Your answer should be noooooooooooooooooooooo.

Because people who are wealthy some of them not all of them are evil, wicked and scan artists.  In other words they do not tell the truth.  Some are selfish and do not have a caring bone in their body.  I am not saying each one are like that just some of them are like that.  So stop looking for a wealthy person to pay all of your debts.

So do yourself a favor love you for you.  Don't look outside of you to be taken cared of.  Love GOD with all of your heart mind body and soul.  Don't develop an eating disorder.  Because if you love yourself you won't do that because you don't want to abuse your body the good LORD created. 

There are many ways to love yourself.                           

 1. Eat right.                                                           

2. Obtain 8 hours of rest.                                         

3 Get up early.  Go to bed early.                                                          .

4. Take a nap in the middle of the day.

5. Pay for everything with cash.

6. Celebrated your accomplishments.

7. Don't be afraid to make a mistake, nobody is perfect.

 8. Find a Gym that specializes in the body area that needs to be improved.

9.  If that job isn't pulling in enough money then obtain another job but make sure you are not stressed behind it.

10.  Do your investigation on the other person before you claim that person as your significant other.

11.  Make sure the other person is in the same faith that you are in you don't need spiritual differences in a marriage.

12.  Make sure the other person is financially established to avoid financial conflicts.

13.  Finally find out whether the other person feels like you, in regards to having children and raising children and agree on the number of children you would like to have.

Make sure this is what GOD wants you to be married to because you might be obtaining a big mistake and you think that he is the perfect person that you always wanted.

Men does not like to have a needy woman that is why it is important to have your money bag so that you won't have to want for anything.

When it comes to emergencies you can handle it whether baby needs a brand new pair or shoes or braces you can afford it when he refuse to pay for them.

You can either become your self's hero or your own motivator.

Also love at first sight does not work.  That person might look nice to be with but that does not mean that the person is wrapped up correctly because you don't know if that person is just putting on a show or what is going on with that person.  Truly check that person out.  I am not saying to follow them all over the place.  I am saying to pray to GOD and check with GOD if this is a person who is real or fake.  Because anyone can put on an act.  Once they win your confidence then they marry you and reveal their true self then you want to annul the marriage.  So make sure you are ready for that person you picked.  Make sure you are real and if he is not real then let him go.  That will save you in the long run from having regrets. 

No one needs a disqualified significant other.  If he is going through gender identity crisis you do not need that type of person for a fiancé or a husband because he isn't the person you need in your life.  Life is precious and you do not need to be abused in a marriage.


Marriage can be like the Princess and the Prince marriage but you have to work at it and be emotionally, spiritually, physically, environmentally fit to handle a marriage because anyone can look good but on the inside they are all torn apart.  So you want to have everything on your part together then life is nothing but a dream with responsibilities that you can handle.

Now children, do you have enough to take care of children?  How many children did you plan on having?  Do you have enough money to pay for their education?  How about college or the university Melania attended the university.  Can you say you can pay for the cost of education in the event your child says she wants to attend college or the university without using student loans? 

Sometimes you may want several children but can you truly foot the bill for birthday presents Christmas presents and graduation presents that includes college or the university graduations?

And when your children decided to get married can you afford the wedding arrangements?  Can you pay for a big wedding in a church or a chapel?  How about wedding pre-dinners or the dress for your daughter and the ring?  Can you or are you willing to help her pay for the other person's ring?  See this is what you have to be prepared for so don't say I do because you might end up saying I don't just because of the other person's realness or fakeness.

So stay in the Bible and with GOD.  GOD knows who to send in your life and he will love you for you and not for what he can get out of you.

Be confident in GOD not in yourself or the other person because he might look like a shiny Prince in armor but might be a hireling who scatters the sheep.  So be careful who you call your significant other because he might not know what he is doing or who he is gender wise.

Don't be with a person that thinks money grow on trees because he is not a careful spender.  Because once the money runs out then he is going to be asking for your money and take your money and his money and leave you so don't set yourself up for a let down.

I tell ladies who are married never assume that he is thinking like you.  Instead think outside the box.  Once again like that cliché says "protect your back."  Relationships are not like soda pop so do your inspection on the person you have all of these hallows for because he just might be a devil with sheep clothes on.  Research always saves a lot of heartache.

Make sure you can afford a house mortgage, a car, and clothes and socks and shoes and food to feed yourself and your child or children and your child or children's education when he leaves. Don't fall prey for debt to take over your life. So everything will be less stressful whether he pays child support or not.  You and GOD has everything taken care of.

One day their was a student who had a child who was young.  The mother was attending college and she was married.  Her husband was suspicious that she was seeing another man.  The truth about what was going on was that she was obtaining homework tutoring every night.  The husband would start the same fight every night.  So once the graduation time came she graduated as nn Attorney and divorced her husband then hired a Nanny to take care of her son while she went to work.  So eventually I am sure she might open up her own law firm.

Now how is that for a box of Crack A Jacks?

She did not allow her husband stop or prevent her from obtaining her destiny.

Marriage is the time to celebrate because now Prince Charming can be with his wife.

It should not be a dread it should not be a burden.

Just because Princess Wife is now with you being married should not be boring.

Commitment is something that should be the brother of the word faithful and as you notice this is a man and a wife being connected and that is all.

I am a great fan of a man of GOD marrying a true woman of GOD. 

Nothing less.

I realize the end is coming and people are going nuts just because they don't have no idea about what to do.

But don't lose hope.  There is a GODLY woman and a GODLY man out in this world and with prayer and faith with a deep sincere hope GOD will bless each one of you with a GODLY husband for a GODLY woman AND A GODLY wife for a GODLY man.

GOD bless marriage.  GOD frowns on perverted life style because it is sin.

If you notice in the picture there is a man and a woman getting married.

In the story of Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin, Pocahontas, Beauty and the Beast, all of them were married to a man.  And the man was married to a woman.  In the Bible David married Mica the daughter of Saul.  Ruth married Boaz.  When you notice the Presidents of the United States all married a woman.  Now to say they were GODLY woman well that is another chapter in it's self.  But the point is that all of these men married a real woman. 

There weren't any perverted relationships enforced.

When it comes to the relationship of marriage you will notice that there is a bride and a groom on the cake.  There are bride wedding showers.  There is a pre-wedding dinner.  There are marriage Registries to participate in.  And there are vacations and invitations involved.

Children naturally are birthed from the mother.  The son looks like the mom and the daughter looks like the dad.  Then the preparation of marriage happens all over again.

So let's celebrate marriage and stay committed and faithful and don't forget the anniversaries.

Be a great model of marriage.  It hurts to be divorced.

The children are affected.

So when you do say I will make sure you are not bringing dirty comparison into your committed faithful marriage.

Also an excellent idea is to give your life to the LORD. Allow the LORD to clean you up so come as you are.  Don't try to clean up everything that you know your are guilty of.  Come as you are and GOD will take those secret sins away that you are struggling with just be serious about wanting to live for Jesus Christ and ask HIM to take away all of your sins and give you a clean heart and believe it.  And HE will.   Study the WORD of GOD. 

Join a local church and become a church participant.

Avoid being a church bench warmer.  You will be missing out on great activities when you do.

Now I am not asking you to be a throw mat and allow people walk on you.  Because David fought Goliath.

Jesus defeated the devil.

So while you are a new born in Christ Jesus study the WORD of GOD and study all of it along with your wife don't leave her out because she is somebody too.  And she would love to study the WORD of GOD with you and both of you can learn together.

Giving your life to Jesus Christ is for us women too so don't feel left out give your life to Jesus Christ too women.

May GOD always be with you both.

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