You might want to adjust your picture so it will be on the inside of the card.

Then you write the things you feel about your mother then say HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY

Step one


Step 2

place your picture on the inside of the card on the right side.

         Art For Mother's Day Card

Cut out a card or draw a picture about what you would like to say to your mother.

Happy Father's Day


The Summer andChristmas Extravaganza


Then this is how the card should look

      Then you just fold it into two you can cut your picture of yourself and paste it inside the card then write what you want your mom to know especially about how special she is to you.  Then you just close it.  Then give the Mother's Day Card to your mother with a box of candy and flowers.

You can go to neighbor's garden without having to pay for flowers and ask for some flower to give to your mother.  Maybe your neighbor might give some to you.  But you have to ask first.