The Summer andChristmas Extravaganza


       Geometry With Pretzels

please use pretzel sticks for this activity.

Make me a square.  How many sticks did you use?________

Make me a triangle.  How many sticks did you use________ 

Make me a rectangle.  How many sticks did you use?______

Make me a diamond.  How many sticks did you use?_____

Make me an octagon.  How many sticks did you use?_____ 

Make me a trapezoid.  How many sticks did you use?____

Make me a cone. How many sticks did you use____

Now eat all of them.  Can you eat them?_____

   April Acknowledgement

Make chocolate covered pretzel sticks
Moms or Big Sisters have your little sister and relatives and friends her age  dip a large pretzel stick into chocolate.

You can also have them decorate the sticks with colored sugars and sprinkles.

Wrap them in cellophane to take home or have them as your snack.

How to Make Soft Pretzels

Store-bought pretzels with their uniform shapes? Who needs 'em? Your kids will learn how pretzels are made when they bake their own.

Consider this: Instead of buying that bag of pretzels, buy a package of yeast instead, and let kids make their own pretzels in crazy shapes. Their original edible works of art will put ballpark and city-street pretzels to shame. Kids mix the dough, knead it, and twist it into any-which-way shapes. A brush of egg wash is the "self tanner" that gives pretzels their golden-brown shade in the oven. Sprinkled with salt, maybe dipped in a little mustard - they're delicious. More, please!

What You'll Need:

1 pkg. yeast
3/4 cup warm water
1 tablespoon sugar
2 cups flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 egg
Coarse salt
Mustard or honey mustard for dipping, if you like

What to Do:

Preheat the oven to 400° F.
Line a cookie sheet with foil and spray with vegetable oil.
Sprinkle a package of yeast onto ¾ cup of warm water. Add a tablespoon of sugar, and stir. Let stand until mixture foams.
Put two cups of flour and ½ teaspoon of salt into a bowl. Add the yeast mixture and stir.
Sprinkle flour on the counter and knead the dough until it is smooth.
Roll pieces of dough into ropes and make fun-shaped or traditional pretzels.
Lay pretzels on the foil-lined cookie sheet.
Beat an egg with a fork.
Brush pretzels with the egg wash and sprinkle with coarse salt.
Bake pretzels for 15 minutes or until golden brown. Let cool on a rack.
Bet you can't eat just one!


       The Pretzel Story
It was only a few weeks before Christmas in 610 A.D. The monastery bakery was preparing for the holidays. Brother Bachman was earnestly kneading bread dough while he watched the village children playing in the snow outside the chapel window. "It's too bad they aren't as interested in coming to church and learning their prayers," he thought.

The growing apathy of the village folks saddened him. "If only there was some way to get them back to the church." Brother Bachman continued to work the dough and ponder his dilemma. As he was finishing up the last loaves of bread, he was suddenly struck with a most original idea. He thoughtfully gathered up the leftover dough and began to form pencil-like strips, which he then twisted into a shape that looked like a child's arms folded in prayer. "Ah! a Pretiola!" he declared, which in Latin meant little reward.

He opened the bakery window and called out to the children. "Come in, come in say your prayers, and I will give you a Pretiola!" It didn't take much convincing. Soon each child had learned a prayer and proudly received a "little reward." Rushing home, the children excitedly told their parents. Word of Brother Bachman's idea soon spread through the village, and children and parents alike visited the chapel to receive a Pretiola.

One child proudly placed his Pretiola on the small church's Christmas tree. Not to be outdone, the others followed. Soon the entire tree was beautifully decorated with this unique symbol of their achievements. The Christmas Prayer Service that year was especially festive and bright. The church was filled with families once again. And as the cheerful voices rose in prayer and song together, Brother Bachman smiled joyfully and thanked the Lord
The Pretiola soon found its way into Germany and Austria. It became a symbol of excellence used to reward worthy accomplishments as the church and youth programs flourished.

Through the centuries, Pretiola became known as "Pretzel" as we know it today, and decorating the Christmas tree with Pretzels became a special family tradition that continues. Thanks to Brother Bachman's bakery inspiration.

Box of Wege Pretzel Company (Hanover, PA)
Copyright © 2002 Vincent Hale

         Small, Medium, Large

Please gather some pretzels.

scatter them on the floor.

Now pick out the smallest pretzel.

Now find the next size.

Is it the medium or the large pretzel?_________

Find the medium pretzel and place it beside the small pretzel.

Now find the large pretzel.

Place the large pretzel by the medium pretzel.

Now find all of the small pretzel and place them in the same row.

Now do the same thing for the medium pretzel.

Finally do the same thing for the Large pretzel.

How many small pretzels do you have let's count them?

Now 2 pretzels plus 2 pretzels is what?

If you have 2 and you take one away how many pretzels do you have?_____

Count the pretzels that you have.______

Now if you have 3 medium pretzels and you add 3 more medium pretzels how many do you have?______

Now take two large pretzel and add 5 pretzels to the two large pretzels how many large pretzels do you have?_____

If you said 3 please add the 2 large pretzels and the 5 large pretzels together and find out how many pretzels you truly started out with.  Then you will know your answer.______

Pretzel Dipping Taste Testing

Now parent or Big Sister
Provide a variety of "dips" for the children to try. A few suggestions are cheese dip tell me what does it taste like_________________________

mustard tell me what does it taste like_________________________

French onion Tell me what it taste like_________________________

 ranch tell me what it taste like_________________________

 chocolate tell me what it taste like_________________________, peanut butter tell me what it taste like_________________________,

Is it sweet?

Is it sour?

Is it tart?

Is it bitter

Is it peppery?

Is it salty?

Use some of these answers to answer the questions above.

Thank you and have fun.